DIS-CONNECTED MEME: Experiments in Urban Reuse 4




11-12-13 October 2014, Ravenna

DIS-CONNECTED is the experimentation of a social, economic, cultural, technological and sustainable model of reuse of abandoned spaces in the contemporary city.


The cultural association MEME invites you to DIS-CONNECTED at the historical headquarters of the TSN National Shooting Range in Via Cavalcoli 9, Ravenna


This event represents the fourth stage of the project Experiments in Urban Reuse, begun two years ago in the Ravenna city Docklands, as an instrument of active experimentation and reinterpretation of how to reenergise decommissioned spaces from a grassroots level.


The inauguration takes place during the Notte d’Oro (Golden Night) festival on Saturday October 11th 2014 from 5.00pm.


and the presentation of Experiments in Urban Reuse by meme exchange and of the project “Casa dei Creativi – the prototype”

(Architects MC.Garavelli, E.Francis, E.Greco, C.Bellini, L.Bissi)


Schermata 2014-10-06 alle 09.14.02

The event will conclude on Monday October 13th with the arrival of the European Commission jury for the Capital of Culture 2019.


This event is curated by Meme Exchange and the TSN Ravenna, in partnership with Ravenna 2019.


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